Making Your Cable Labels Stand Out

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If you’re in the manufacturing industry, one of your most important jobs is to make sure that people know who made their product. This is why we, at IndustriTAG wire and cable labels offer a variety of wire and cable labels so that our customers can show off their company’s logo or slogan on all their wires and cables. Here are some tips for making those labels stand out!

The first thing you can do is make sure that you are choosing the right label for your wire or cable. There are three types of labels available—stickers, printed tags, and pre-printed tags—which we’ll go over in more detail below:

Stickers : these labels come with a sticky adhesive on one side so they can be applied directly to wires and cables without any need for tools or equipment. These stickers offer an inexpensive way to add branding but they aren’t always made out of high quality materials which means that it’s possible for them to fall off after some time has passed. It’s also difficult to print sticker labels at home because most printers don’t have large format capabilities – this means that if you want custom stickering done then you’re going to have to go through a company like WireMark.

IndustriTAG Wire And Cable Labels

Printed Labels : these are pre-printed labels which you can stick on wires or cables after they’ve been manufactured. They’re often made out of vinyl, so it’s easy for the label printer to print logos and slogans onto them using large format printers . These kinds of printed wire and cable labels tend to be more expensive than stickers , but they generally need less maintenance over time because there is no adhesive involved in applying them—which means that even if someone tries peeling one off, your logo will still show up.

Pre-Printed Tags: this kind of label is usually stitched into the insulation material covering each individual conductor within a multi-conductor cable bundle. They should NOT be confused with print labels (which are label stickers), and they typically require either special equipment or a company like WireMark to apply them. While pre-printed tags offer the highest level of branding, it can be difficult for someone at home to put this kind of cable label on by themselves—and if you’re in a two person shop then chances are that one employee is going to have their work cut out for them when applying these kinds of tags.