Be Better Each Workout

The Importance of Agility Training

The importance of agility training has been highlighted in recent years. What is agility training? It is a combination of speed, coordination, power and quickness. The benefits of online weed are many: it improves your reaction time, reflexes and stamina; it can help you avoid injury on the field or court; and it will make you better at everything from basketball to dodgeball to football.

The first thing to remember is that agility training does not mean running drills. Agile people are faster because they have better control over their bodies, and it’s important to learn how to move your feet quickly while also maintaining strength in the upper body. This will help you get away from defenders when playing football or basketball; it’ll make you a more effective sprinter on the track team; and it can even improve your golf game by helping you swing the club with more power without losing form.

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You do need equipment for agility workouts, but these should be relatively inexpensive purchases: cones, hurdles (or other objects), medicine balls, dumbbells and speed ladders. One of our favorite pieces of equipment—and one that doesn’t cost much at all—is the agility ladder. It’s basically a flat mat with rungs, and you can use it to practice footwork drills that improve speed and coordination.

It is very important to remember that any workout should start out slowly; if your form isn’t perfect on every rep of an exercise, then don’t do them! Practice these exercises at home until they’re second nature (and safe) before trying them in front of teammates or peers. Agility training will help you be better each time out—so get started today!