Protecting Children’s Teeth

Who Should be Responsible to Educate Them?

It’s no secret that children’s teeth need to be cared for properly. If they aren’t, then there is a higher likelihood of developing cavities and other dental problems in the future. But how often should we be looking out for their oral health? Should we do it at home or at school? Salem, OR dental practice discusses who should take responsibility to educate them about brushing and flossing so that they can protect their teeth!

The first thing that needs to be done is educating children on how important it is that they take care of their teeth. This can be taught in school by health teachers, but this might not always happen so parents should also discuss the importance of taking care of your mouth with them at home.

Salem, Or Dental Practice

According to some studies , one-third of students have never visited a dentist before which means only about half are getting regular checkups! It’s estimated that 42% had untreated cavities and 86% said they hadn’t received any information on tooth decay or what causes it. Parents may think that because kids spend most time inside classrooms then schools should teach these lessons instead, however if you’re sending them there without brushing teeth first then all those germs will just transfer onto teachers’ desks!

So if your children are in school then it’s important that the teacher educates them about proper dental care. If they aren’t, make sure to teach them at home too! The only way you can protect their teeth is by making sure they brush or rinse after every meal and floss once a day. You should also help them decide whether fluoride treatments might be necessary for their overall oral health. Most importantly though is teaching kids how not to eat sugary snacks throughout the day because this will just cause more problems down the line when cavities become apparent . It won’t happen overnight but over time these habits have an effect on our mouth which means we need to take action early before it becomes critical!