Potholes, Sinkholes and Soil Heaving: How to Prevent Problems Before They Happen

Avoid These Problems before They Even Happen

There are many threats to the foundation of your home. You might not realize it, but there is a lot going on below the surface! What you need to know is that if you want to prevent problems before they happen, such as sinkholes and soil heaving, then it’s important for you to understand what can cause them. Solid Foundation Repair Of Lake Worth is there for you to help you prevent and repair sinkholes.

There are many causes for sinkholes to form. For example, the ground may be over saturated with water which can cause soil to erode and collapse in on itself causing a big hole underfoot! Another issue that could lead to your foundation being damaged is things like tree roots growing too close to the surface of the earth.

Solid Foundation Repair Of Lake Worth

Tree roots are sometimes able to grow through cement foundations, weakening them considerably! -Finally, another risk factor when it comes to avoiding problems before they happen is when old buildings or structures have been abandoned due ti lack of use or care. If you notice an old building nearby seems neglected for years without maintenance…it probably has serious problems in its foundation structure because nobody has cared about fixing issues as they arise!

To prevent sinkholes from happening, you should make sure you are aware of the signs. If for example, your home or property starts to show cracks in certain areas such as door frames and walls…or if there is a sudden depression forming in one spot under your feet, then this could be an indication that we might need to take action!

Another great way to prevent sinkholes from occurring around your house is by hiring qualified contractors like us here at Solid Foundation Repair Of Lake Worth. We can come out and inspect the current state of things on your property and provide affordable solutions when it comes time for repairs. By contacting our team today, you will greatly decrease any chances of having serious damage happen because these problems were left untreated!