Tips for What to Do After Selling Your Home

Sold Your House, Now What?

Congratulations! You have just sold your home. Now what do you do? There are a number of things that you need to take care of in order to make the transition as smooth as possible. Home 4 You will tell you more about each one of those things!

Change Your Address: Once you have completed the home sale process, you need to make sure that all of your mail is sent to the correct address. You can do this by notifying the post office and updating your address with any organizations or businesses that may be sending you correspondence.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items: When preparing for the sale of your home, you likely got rid of a lot of things that were cluttering up your house. Now that it has been sold, there may still be additional items lying around which you will want to get rid of. Consider donating these items or throwing them away instead of trying to move them into your new residence.

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Pay Off Any Remaining Debts: If you have any debts, such as a mortgage or loan, make sure to pay them off in full before closing the sale of your home. This will provide you with peace of mind and ensure that all liabilities associated with the property are taken care of.

Change Your Utilities: You’ll need to notify your utility companies that you are no longer living in the house, so they can update their records and stop billing you for services. Additionally, if you’re moving into a new residence, contact the local utility company to have them set up service for your new address.

Gather Important Documents: There are many documents associated with buying and selling a home which should be gathered together once the process is complete. These include things such as loan documents, closing paperwork, contracts, inspection reports and more. Storing these items in a secure place will help you if any disputes arise down the line.

Prepare for Your Move: Moving can be a stressful process, so make sure to plan ahead. This may include getting boxes and packing supplies on hand, purging items from your house that are no longer needed and arranging transportation for larger items like furniture.

Set Up Home Insurance: Once you have purchased your new residence, it is important to set up home insurance right away. This will provide you with coverage in case of accidents or disasters which could damage or destroy your property.