Copywriter’s Toolkit

The 3 Effective Methods to Make Customers Stay

People are always looking for new ways to attract customers and make them stay. In the past, copywriters had only a few tools at their disposal (e.g., headlines) but today they have many more options (e.g., content). Every copywriter has their own favorite methods that work best for them, nut we will discuss 3 of the most effective ones for copy writing – each with its own benefits!

It’s very important for SEO and it will help you attract the right kind of customers, so make sure your copy is always as long as necessary but no longer – remember: short and sweet!

Copy Writing

The first method we want to discuss is called “white space.” This basically means leaving some blank lines on the page (or screen). Why does this work? Because it makes readers not only read more carefully, but also focus better before moving on.

Another way to keep people interested in reading further is through something we call “chunking.” Basically, instead of writing one huge block of text (which most people won’t even bother scrolling down), write it in smaller, more easily digestible pieces. This will make your writing easier to read and thus much more likely for people to keep on going!

Finally, let’s talk about “framing.” What is framing? It basically means putting the subject into a certain context or perspective that makes it easier (or even possible) for readers to understand what you’re talking about. For example: instead of saying “this blog post has 400 words,” say something like “the average length of this article is 400 words.” Framing is very important because it gives customers an idea as well as somewhat establishes trust between them and you – which may lead to conversions later down the line!